Sunday, October 7, 2012

CSM7 Progress Report: October 7 2012

Hello again, Pod People!

It's time for another no-nonsense archive post, for the purposes of summarizing and centralizing the recent activities of your CSM7 representatives. Links to outside resources will be provided where possible, though some of this content takes place on internal CSM / CCP forums and Skype channels and cannot be directly referenced.

This is by no means the sum total of everything the CSM has been up to, merely the items not covered by NDA that individual CSM reps have self-reported. If I missed a key conversation, posting, or media appearance, I'll update this reference as needed.

Public appearances

Lost in EVE Episode 79
- with Seleene and Hans Jagerblitzen

Podside Episode 39
- with Hans Jagerblitzen

Podside Episode 39
- with Alekseyev Karrde

Voices from the Void Episode 53
- with Alekseyev Karrde

Voices from the Void Episode 54 - with Elise Randolph

Ongoing Forum Conversations

CSM Chairman Hotline - AMA (Ask Me Anything)

For all the FW peeps: "Dockblocking" - working as intended?

For all the FW peeps: "Diagonal plexing" - working as intended?

[Proposal] - "Place Bounty" option on forum posts

Stakeholder pilot project

During a catch-up meeting on 9/17 with Jon Lander, we reviewed the status of the Stakeholder project and discuss the direction of the Bounty Hunting feature. We also used this opportunity to once again make sure that the POS revamp was still on schedule, and requested as much early information as possible regarding CCP's prototype designs. We also emphasized that messaging needed to begin regarding the Winter expansion, since the full feature set was known and actively under development, there was no reason not to open up to the players at this time. There was also further discussion regarding a memorial to fallen players, and inquiries about when 0.0 improvements would be underway, when the status of the Incarna project would go public, and when CREST would be opened up to third party development.

Internal work with CCP

- Seleene has been pushing CCP Arrow
to give us a UI update, the results of which can be found right here.

- Hans spoke with CCP Masterplan to ask for an update on Crimewatch changes, a list of everything on the table was posted, the CSM worked with the team back and forth, the results of which can be found here in the corresponding Dev Blog.

- Ongoing CSM pressure for a player memorial in the wake of Sean Smith's passing.

- Kelduum has been speaking with CCP Alice about improvements and bug fixes for EVE Gate, and continued to pursue fixes for the issues with the current wardec system (mutual wars, dropping from alliances, and so on).

- Kelduum has working with CCP Sisyphus on upcoming NPE changes - default settings improvements in particular.

- Alekseyev Karrde planted the idea for a video dev blog with the CSM to be recorded during the next summit, to give players a chance to see a "behind-the-scenes" look.

- Alekseyev compiled our collective notes and started a "Roadmap" Titanpad document to prepare our presentations to CCP for the Winter Summit.

- Alekseyev fired up more CCP/CSM Skype dialogue on the lack of iteration to the war feature, including promised fixes to serious defects.

- Aleks lobbied CCP Fozzie on missile changes such as HAM buffs/fitting reductions and moving some of the Heavy Missile DPS nerf into the explosion velocity+radius

- Ongoing collective feedback about the EVE-Dust 514 link

- Ongoing collective feedback about the Unified Inventory and persisting issues that need resolution

- Ongoing pressure for Black Ops improvements.

- Continued heavy work on Faction Warfare mechanics, led by Hans Jagerblitzen

- Hans has been regularly playtesting and providing feedback regarding the Dust 514 beta, you can add him as a contact (under the name "Heinrich Jagerblitzen") if you are also in the beta and would like to invite him to your squad!

Recent Blog Posts

Call me maybe
, by Hans Jagerblitzen

Council of Slayer Management
, by Seleene

Farewell Colleague
, by Trebor Daehdoow

So long, Sean
, by Meissa Anunthiel

Bye Sean
, by Two Step

Goodbye Friend
, by Seleene

Recent Public Forum Activity

Seleene discussing the need to consolidate the Assembly Hall into Features and Ideas

Elise Randolph requesting Buckingham updates for testing

Hans discussing the upcoming overhaul to the Bounty Hunting system and the importance of ongoing player feedback.

Issler Dainze checks in
regarding an Inquiry about Mining

Darius III comments on upcoming changes to Crimewatch