Thursday, March 1, 2012

But you don't have to take my word for it.

"This year, interestingly enough, there is only one Serious Contender: Hans Jagerblitzen. While Hans is a passionate advocate for Factional Warfare, it's clear that he also understands the need to represent the interests of the entire EVE community. . . . Good luck in the elections, Hans. You've demonstrated that you have the primary characteristic of a good CSM; the willingness to work hard, without letting emo or ego get in the way. "

Trebor Daehdoow, Dirt Nap Squad - CSM6

Hans Jagerblitzen is an extremely impressive candidate to me. . . He reminds me strongly of Two Step with his outspokenness and enthusiasm, and I feel confident that he'll bring a lot of experience, hard work, and communication to the job.

Ripard Teg, Rote Kapelle - Jester's Trek

"This time around I am convinced we need far better grass roots representation of the player base and much less monotone nullsec influence on the council. . . I'll be endorsing your candidature and sending my votes your way."

Jade Constantine, The Star Fraction - CSM1 Chair

"Wondering if I had a single vote to give, who'd get it...tough question. I really want to see@HansShotFirst get a Top 7 seat."

Mynxee, CSM5 Chair - Life in Low Sec

"For CSM7, my endorsement (and my votes) goes to Hans Jagerblitzen...When you're a fan of strategy and grand designs, it's easy to forget that for many people the fun is in the fight itself. Especially when it comes to smaller scale PVP (which despite what some may tell you, is still very much alive in NPC nullsec, lowsec, hisec and wormhole space), most people aren't really out to accomplish grandiose objectives so much as they are to find a fight and make explosions, and mechanics which make it easier and more enjoyable to get a fight on this scale are really good things. From reading Hans' manifesto, it's clear that this is something he gets."

Azual Skoll, Agony Unleashed - The Altruist

"For lowsec voters, he’s the guy everyone else has to beat. He needs all the support he can get, being a fresh face and not aligned with a super organized bloc."

Marc Scaurus, The Tuskers - MALEFACTION

"His charisma is off the charts and he knows his stuff when it comes to spaceships too. When it comes to faction warfare and low sec, he’s the full package. I don’t think anyone has campaigned as hard as this man" 

Arydanika, Amok. - And Knowing is Half the Battle

"Anything that brings more people into lowsec benefits me as a lowsec -10 dweller.   You have my votes."

Anabaric, Shadow Cartel - So Many Demons

"He is not one of those griefers you see on the forums whining that Empire is too safe, nor is he a carebear advocating rainbows and ponies. His vision is fair and balanced and, if implemented, would go a long way toward freshening up Empire life."

Aedin Dallocort, Colonic Hyperbole - Obfuscated Reality

"Everyone here realizes that Hans is going to be on the CSM, right? Just checking. Carry on."

Seleene, Body Count, Inc. - CSM6

"I support Hans Jagerblitzen as the high-sec candidate of choice for CSM7."

Poetic Stanziel, Major Kong Freight - Poetic Discourse

"Though we are enemies on the battlefield, I cannot think of anyone else who is more prepared and more qualified to take on this election and WIN it. He is a man who will go the distance for us, for all of us."

Shalee Lianne, Imperial Outlaws - Sovereignty Wars

"You have my support"

Capitol One, Wolfsbrigade - FC, Amarr Militia

"I endorse this candidate"

Super Chair, Project Cerberus - FC, Caldari Militia

"You have my sword"

Gallactica, Shadows of the Federation - FC, Gallente Militia

"We have to show some solidarity behind Hans for his wonderful support of the core gameplay aspects we all enjoy."

SigmaPi, Valkyr Industries - FC, Minmatar Militia

"Hans is one of the better candidates out there, he's not from a power bloc, and he supports sensible changes to the areas I've flown in the most over the past year. I'm on board, and here's two votes for you Hans!"

Tommy Rollins, RvB BLUE Republic - Rollins Ride

"Vote for Hans, Save the Pirates!   Hans Jagerblitzen dropped below -5.0 today.   Welcome to the dark side."

Susan Black, Late Night Alliance - @Gamerchick42

"He’s passionate about the game and has done his research. He has been in constant contact with the current CSM and talks to devs and other players. His presence is undeniable."

Sindel Pellion, TEST Alliance - EvENews24

" Come on you hi-sec industrialists, miners,missioners and traders,
  Come on you brave low-sec industrialists and POS owners,
  Come on you low-sec militia pilots,
  Come on you pirates of low sec who yarrrrrrr daily,
  Come on all of you who play, live, fight and die in a fire in Empire space.

      Vote Hans Jagerblitzen and lets have a voice on the CSM. "

Drackarn, Shadows of the Federation - Sand Cider and Spaceships

" the moment I'm inclining towards Hans Jagerblitzen, because I do believe that empire space needs a sympathetic advocate.    (By which I mean in sympathy with me)"

Malcanis, Vanishing Point - author of "The High Sec Manifesto"

"You have the support and endorsement of the man who stands against all candidates, I hope that means something to people. Good luck!"

Noneofthe Above - reformed protest candidate

"Lowsec has been abandoned by CCP and by the greater playerbase for years. It needs a slap across the face with a trout. Same with Faction Warfare. Hans is someone who knows both areas well and more than anything else has the desire to make his home in EVE better for him and for everyone else that lives in lowsec.

In addition, he is humble and listens to others when they talk. He’s a team player. Those two factors alone make him an excellent addition to any team and the CSM needs more people like him."

Sneaky Noob, Late Night Alliance - The Late Nite News 

"I listened to many podcasts, read many blogs and posts, and Hans is my favorite amongst many good candidates this year who seem to be using the logic of a rising tide lifting all ships, as opposed to focusing on one or two pet areas. But he was the most outspoken and eloquent, and got my vote."

Grimmash,  Ark of the Covenant  - Warp to Zero

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