Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In my own voice....

This last weekend, the official “Lost in EvE” Podcast debates were recorded, giving EvE Online players a chance to listen to the CSM7 candidates talk about the important issues.   I was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you the various other media appearances I’ve enjoyed, so you still have a chance to hear my message.

First to be recorded was my appearance on the EvE-Radio Funkybacon show.  You can tune in to the rewind on the “radio” tab of the EvE-Radio website.  Look for the Funkybacon Show, Feb 18, during the 00:00 time slot.  Other guests include existing CSM6 members Seleene and Two Step.

Next up was my Voices from the Void podcast debate with Kelduum Revaan of EvE University.  Many thanks to hosts Arydanika, “Marcosaurus”, and Bowdy for having me on the show.  It was great fun.   WARNING:  Bring a poncho, listeners to this podcast may get a little wet.    Voters preferring to read a text summary of the debate can find one here, thanks to the time and effort of EvE Uni grad Poetic Stanziel.

My most recent interview was recorded Monday evening for EvE News 24 by the lovely Sindel Pellion.   It’s short (20 mins), sweet, and to the point, so please do me the honor of listening in.   There is even a text summary included for the hearing impaired.   Thanks again to Sindel, Bagehi, and the rest of the EvE News team!

There may be a few of you who are still wondering who I am, what I stand for, and why they should vote for me this election.    Many of you have busy schedules, and there’s a lot of candidate material to wade through.  If several hours of podcasts, 23 pages of writing, or even a 20 minute interview all seem like too much – than my fellow soldier and blogger Susan Black has a very special message for all the voters.   

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  1. That vid almost made me cry IRL (I know, I'm a softie)--Brilliant!!

    You have my blade--errm, I mean Heavy Missile Launcher IIs!

    --Lyrrashae/Tarryn Nightstorm