Sunday, January 13, 2013

Clear Skies

Well, its unstoppable. We're now 3/4 of the way through our CSM term, and while there's arguably more work to do in the final quarter than in any of the other three, there really is no way to prevent people from rampantly speculating about the coming election. So before we get swept up in minutes madness, and planning the summer expansion, I just thought I'd take a moment to make it known that I will not be running for re-election in CSM8. I'd rather get this over with now, for a few reasons. It means I get to kick back and relax as the shitstorm heats up, and step out of the spotlight, and it also means that if another candidate from Low sec / Factional Wafare wants to step up and lead, they have as much advanced notice as possible.

Don't get me wrong – these last 8 months have incredibly fulfilling, if not always what I would call "fun". I knew in advance I wouldn't be able to continue my classes at school, I knew it would cut into my time to actually play the game, and I knew in advance it mean exposing myself to the masses in terms of legitimate (and deserved) criticism, not to mention the (often undeserved) paranoia, tinfoil, and slander. I've made enemies, but much more importantly, I've made friends as well. Getting to know each of you has certainly been one of the highlights of the year.

But what many of you don't know about me is that this journey also started about 6 months after getting married, to my partner of 7 years. To put this into perspective – I've essentially spent the first year of my married life intensely involved with space politics, and not entirely on my family. THAT, my friends, is true love on the part of my wife, her patience and support of me taking this opportunity has allowed me to enjoy this incredible experience. However, she deserves more, and I knew not long after the election was over (which was exhausting as a non-bloc candidate) that I would be a one-term representative. When someone gives you a gift like this, you don't take advantage of them.

For many of you closest to me, this is not news. You've protested, questioned, doubted, but I warned you this day would come. I'd love to put this off even longer, its not easy for me, but I've decided it's just better to clear the air now and shed politics as much as possible as we enter this busy period of minutes review and expansion planning.

I am only prepared at this time to make two unequivocable endorsements – Mynnna, the GSF's lead Economic advisor, and Malcanis, whose writings were a huge inspiration and source of wisdom during my own campaign and CSM term. I've written back and forth both to Malcanis throughout the year, and Mynnna I have spoken with almost daily for months now, he is incredibly talented, level-headed, and diplomatic. His economic expertise is unparalleled, and will no doubt bring good advice to CCP in the coming year Both of these candidates wield their words like a scalpel, they understand that the CSM is about more than having good ideas – its about effective communication. No matter how smart you are, if CCP doesnt respect you and want to listen to you, you're not going to have any influence. Both of these men are more than prepared for this and both deserve your votes.

Good luck to the other candidates this season, and I look forward to continuing my work as part of CSM7 as we finish off the year. This is not the end, just an announcement of the end. You'll soon see not only how important it is that we keep focused and aggressive in the final months of our term, those of us that won't be running again. Some may divert energy into elections, but I will not be, nor will I be slowing down.

We have a white paper to rewrite. We just launched Dust 514 onto Tranquility and there's a massive community there that needs to be served, whether they have a voted-in representation or not. We need to get 0.0, POSes, and Mining/Industry back on the agenda for 2013, so that CSM8 can do for these areas of the game what I did for FW. CCP is making good use of the CSM these days, more than they ever have historically, so there's never been a better time to step up and put the work in. I will not be endorsing any CSM8 candidates that are not already demonstrating in advance they have been a workhorse on behlalf of the community. It is time for the age of half-dead councils to come to an end.

Many thanks to all of you in the EVE community for your support, your advice, and your appreciation. I could not have done this alone.


Fly dangerous,



  1. I have already written the text of the Blog Banter awarding you my CSM Member of the Year award - you could have had the decency to wait a day until I could post it BEFORE this announcement! But seriously - thanks for all you did to make What Happens in Lowsec Stays in Lowsec a reality. Your hard work and equanimity did not go unnoticed, nor unappreciated. And in the end RL>EVE. o7

  2. Sigh. You will be missed.

  3. o7

    I'd rather see someone on CSM for a single term (plus all the time in advance that it takes to build a standing) working like a horse as you did than other who are there for many terms and get lazy.

  4. While I am one probably one of the tinfoil crowd.

    Even I must say thank you for your tireless efforts and the work you have done for the FW crowd.

    You helped revitalize part of the game that had been dead since it entered the game.

    May those who follow you try as hard as you did.

    Oh and as I was unaware, congrats on your marriage.

  5. Sad to here But thanks for all the work you have done o7

  6. From talking to past candidates who've stuck it out for multiple terms, I think this is probably a smart decision. Doing CSM the right way can't be an easy task.

    Thanks for all the time and effort you've put in so far - I can happily say that my votes (and endorsement) for CSM7 were well placed!

  7. You have been a good choice for CSM 7 and you did (and do) a great job there. Thanks for sacrifices and the hard work. Putting that much energy into a "hobby" is far beyond average dedication and I understand that your time for playing that "hobby" has suffered under this.

    I wish you all the best and lots of years of enjoying eve without being too deep into council matters.